Adult Classes

Adult Karate Classes in North London  (07956865765)

Muswell Hill Karate Academy offers Adult Karate classes at the Club Dojo

Muswell Hill Centre, Muswell Hill,  N103QJ,  North London.

Learn traditional Martial Arts and Self Defence techniques, improve your fitness and enjoy the friendship of this traditional Karate Academy.

Adults and Young Adult’s Karate Classes: (minimum age is 12)
TUESDAY       6:00 – 7:00pm at (MHC), Hillfield Park, London N10 3QJ

THURSDAY  7:00-8:00pm at (MHC), Hillfield Park, London N10 3QJ

Sat. 1:30 – 3:00pm at Muswell Hill Centre, Hillfield Park, London N10 3QJ

We are at the bottom of the car park behind Marks & Spencer in Muswell Hill.
The car park entrance is in Summerland Gardens, off Muswell Hill Broadway.
Private lessons also available, one to one prior bookings only.   Accreditation: MHKA / ITKF
Contact us to arrange to book you or your child.

More Classes in Kentish Town Area. contact us for more details