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Date / Venue ITKF England – London (MHKA) Events in  2021
April. 2021 News:News: Summer Term  resumes on 20th April 2021
May 2021 (TBC)

Grading Exam Sun. 5th July 2021

 Special Stage with Sensei Takashi Tokuhisa (Japan)

TBC subject to gov. rules

 July 2021 TBC Sayōnara (さようなら) farewell party at Muswell Hill Hombu Dojo July 2020 1:30-4pm
 July 2021 TBC Stroud Green Primary School Summer Fair public demonstration
May 2021 TKF Stage in Italy, Tuscany (Special course by Sensei I. Berisha)  TBC
Dec. 2021 Nepal Nepal, ITKF Seminar to be conducted by Sensei Berisha, International Instructor Grade A, International ITKF referee. (7 DAN) – ITKF-UK, TBC
Dec. 2021 London ITKF Special course by Sensei I. Berisha, DAN Grading Examination . dates TBC