Principal Instructor:                    Sensei I. Berisha  7th  DAN  (ITKF)

We offer Karate classes for Adults and Children in North London,  Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Crouch End, Finchley, Highgate, Stroud Green  (all levels from beginner to advanced).  As well as scheduled classes at selected venues, we offer sessions at local schools including Tetherdown Primary School, Stroud Green, Fortismere. We also offer GCSE in Karate, contact us for more details. The option is available for those wishing to take a GCSE in PE to chose Karate as one of the activities.  We take our Traditional Karate seriously, and aim to provide a friendly, safe and enthusiastic environment. Our regular instructors have coached at international level and regularly organise special events featuring visiting professionals from around the world, offering their experience to members of every level, giving children and adults alike a chance to learn from the masters!  All classes are taught by qualified and experienced instructors, fully insured and DBS checked.

News: Outdoor Dojo: Training for all grades on Sundays during August at Cherry Tree Woods, 88 Summerlee Ave, London N2 9QH to start @ 10am.

 Real time Karate Classes are restarting soon

New Project: Archer Academy students take part in self defence enrichment activities on Thursdays TBC

 Fortismere Karate Club:  For more details please contact the School

Office: Muswell Hill Karate Academy, ( Hombu Dojo)

Muswell Hill Centre,  Hillfield Park, London, N10 3QJ

Next Grading Exam: please contact us for more detail